EC-Engineering committed to a determined quality strategy

EC-Engineering Oy invests heavily in the continuous development of operational quality.

Our quality system is ISO9001: 2015 certified and we have an ISO14001: 2015 environmental certificate. The certificates cover both of our units. We operate also under the REACH Regulation and our Lieksa unit is also certified according to DIN 6701.

Our three customer segments have their own quality requirements and in order to ensure the continuous development of our operations, we have built a roadmap for the future development of quality functions, to which we are strongly committed.
• For Marine segment we have MED (Module D) certificate for our products, ie our products comply with the EU Marine Equipment Directive (2014/90 / EU).
• For Railway segment we work today with IRIS compatible process and our plan is to get ISO/TS 22163 in near future.
• For Road segment we work today with PPAP compatible process and our plan is to get ISO/TS 16949 in near future.

With the growing importance of corporate responsibility, we have, in EC-Engineering, brought together our key principles of good practice and our policies that we want to follow. We are committed to working in accordance with our Code of Conduct (UN Global Compact).



EC-Engineering investoi kasvuun!

EC-Engineering Oy on ostanut Joptek Oy Compositesin kuljetusväline- ja meriteollisuutta palvelevat liiketoiminnot Lieksassa.

Euroopan aluekehitysrahasto tukee hanketta, jolla EC-Engineering Oy:n uuden Lieksan tuotantoyksikön toiminta käynnistetään ja tuottavuutta kehitetään. Hanke parantaa yrityksen kilpailukykyä kuljetusvälineteollisuuden johtavana komposiittiratkaisujen järjestelmätoimittajana.


EC-Engineering invests in growth!

EC-Engineering Oy has acquired transport equipment and marine segment businesses from Joptek Oy Composites.

The European Regional Development Fund supports the project to launch the EC-Engineering Oy’s new production unit in Lieksa and to improve its productivity. The project will improve the company’s competitiveness as the leading system supplier of composite solutions for transport equipment industry.